Beyond Naked



Rogue[BNR]  Sorcerer[BNM]  Warrior[BNW]



Woody(BNM)” and “Hairy(BNM)”




Beyond Naked characters may use storage characters ("mules") to carry excess cursed items without penalty. This is to ensure that our extra cursed gear is available to newbie BN's. I don't think that this is cheating in any way, so feel free to make as many as you need. One thing that should be avoided though is hoarding cursed items. The whole purpose of allowing storage characters isn't to help people start collections it's to store overflow items until we find some BN's that can use them.

The inventory of a BN can only be filled with the following: Potions: the life blood of a BN, you may have as many as you can carry, but cannot drop extra cursed items to make room for more potions.

BN's have little use for gold except for buying potions and scrolls.

As stated above, extra cursed items cannot be abandoned and must be kept in inventory until they can be passed along to other BN's. Also, it is likely that you'll die horribly in the dungeon and not be able to get your stuff back. It happens. Having extra cursed stuff in your inventory is just the thing is case of such a disaster.



Beyond Naked Rogues are just Beyond Naked Mages in drag. All of the rules that apply to BNM’s apply to BNR's. The only exception is that BNR's are allowed to use whatever Bow they choose. This reason behind this is that while a BNM is saddled with cursed gear, he still has his most potent weapon... his magic. With that in mind, a Rogues main attack is the bow and therefore a magic bow is acceptable. I'd say that Windforce (or any bow with knockback) is possibly the most coveted of all bows, considering the low AC...

Beyond Naked Warriors are just BNM's on steroids. All of the rules that apply to Beyond Naked Mages apply to BNW's. The only exception is that Beyond Naked Warriors are allowed to use whatever weapon they choose. I'd say that 'of Blood' weapons or weapons with knockback are possibly the most desired of all weapons, considering the low AC...



The only items that a BNM are allowed to wear or use are cursed ones. That's it, no exceptions. An item that can be worn include armor (body, shield and head) and jewellery (rings and necklaces) while used items include weapons of any sort. As a matter of fact, you are required to wear/use any and all cursed items that you find. If you are so (un)lucky to have more than one item of a particular nature (i.e. 2 cursed swords), then you must use the one that penalizes you the most. Excess cursed item must be stored and passed along to other BNM's when encountered. With that in mind, receiving cursed items from other players is acceptable as long as they are legit.


Some items combine the Good and the Bad... i.e. a Masters sword of Trouble. BNM's may NOT use such an item because even though it is cursed (Trouble), it is also blessed (Masters). Therefore, a BNM may only use items that can be called the Ugly, meaning it has a cursed prefix, suffix or both.



Staffs that are cursed yet have the ability to cast a spell are usable by BNM's, but you have to "bleed" them dry. What that means is casting spells from a staff is NOT allowed, but you can permanently remove a staffs ability to hold charges. Here's how...

First, clear a room. Then, facing a wall, keep casting spells from the staff until it runs out of charges. Then use the Sorcerer's recharge skill to recharge the staff. Keep repeating this process (drain and charge) and eventually the staff will have zero of zero charges. Actually, the number of charges will disappear from the description altogether. Then, what your left with is something like a "Hyena's staff of Charged Bolt" that zaps you for -22 mana, but can't cast spells.



Bent, Brass, Clumsy, Dull, Frog's, Hyena's, Rusted, Tin, Useless, Vulnerable, Weak
of Atrophy, Brittleness, Corruption, Disease, Dyslexia, the Fool, Illness, the Jackal, the Pit, Trouble, Paralysis, the Vulture, Weakness, the Dark, the Night, Light, Radiance


Items that either reduce or increase a characters light radius are usable by BN's because increasing a BN's light radius attracts more monsters and decreasing it hinders the BN's visibility. That's our interpretation anyway.


Don't forget that you can also curse yourself with Light Radius by equipping it and then taking it off. Due to a bug, the game only works with the highest Light Radius you've had while on the current dungeon level - even if you reduce it! You can thus be a light beacon and wake up monsters en masse without having to wear Light Radius items to do so.

Alsobe aware of your “life total”. Due to another bug, players do not go into hit recovery if their life total is too low and they are using Mana Shield. Your life should not drop below 80 in Nightmare and 120 in Hell if you have Mana Shield up. In fact, there's a general consensus among the Naked Mage players that wearing +Life items (must be +Life/+Vit ONLY - no positive prefix!) for the purpose of enabling hit recovery with Mana Shield is considered honourable. I believe most BNM’s would largely agree.



Vital for survival, scrolls are critical to a successful BN. Anytime you can cast a spell without using mana, you're in good shape. Like potions, you cannot drop extra cursed items to make room for more scrolls. A BN may purchase potions, books and scrolls from Pepin and/or Adria and you can sell items you find in the dungeon to Griswold. Griswold won't repair cursed gear however, so try to take care of your stuff!