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The IronMan variant is by far the most challenging Diablo experience you can undergo. Every team-member starts with a brand new level 1 character. The ONLY access to town services is immediately at the start of the game (or difficult-level, see below!). Armor, weapons, staffs, potions and scrolls may be bought, limited by the low starting gold (200 – 400) of the party. At the very start of a normal IronMan game, the characters basic items may be sold, if desired.


After leaving the town and entering the dungeon you are never again allowed to return to Tristram. The party is thoroughly (external characters are not allowed to aid or even join the IronMan game) on its own and proceeds form dungeon level to dungeon level until the whole team is dead. You are allowed to use your collected / pre-bought resurrection scrolls / staffs to bring your comrades back to life, but the “restart in town” -option is strictly forbidden!

Exception: In the happy case that a victory against “Diablo” himself is obtained, the contestants are allowed to continue on the next difficult-level. At the very start of these continuation games, (before you enter the dungeon again!) it is allowed to use every kind of town services available!

Note: It is not carved in stone, that an IronMan game has to end with the death of all team-members, but most of the time it does end this way. In fact, there is a very improbable chance to actually “win” an IronMan, by defeating "Diablo" on ALL three difficulty-levels.


Before you are allowed to proceed to the next dungeon level, ALL monsters must be killed, ALL barrels, coffins, bookcases, decapitated bodies and chests must be opened / activated.

NoteA: This regulation is likewise valid if you face “Diablo” in dungeon level 16. Before you are allowed to kill him, you have to clean the entire level priorly!

NoteB: The entire team has to go down to the next dungeon level at once. It’s not allowed to split up!



It is strictly forbidden to return back to a completed dungeon level! “Lock-In” / “Cave-In” Regulation.

Exception: The only granted case for returning to a cleared dungeon level is to resurrect your teammates. You are not allowed to pick up / active anything while you are on the cleared dungeon area.


If it comes to the case, that one ore more character(s) is/are too low leveled to enter a continuation game on an higher difficult (nightmare / hell), the character(s) beneath the required level must start a solo training game (no other character is allowed to join!), in which he/they is/are not allowed to keep newly found items, gold and/or add permanent modifications (shrines, elixirs, spell-books) to the character(s). Town services, free level access and the “restart in town”-option are legitimate during those training games. As soon as the character(s) reached the required level (20 / 30) for the concerning difficult he/they have to leave the training game.

Note: To minimize the possible use up of resources like staff-charges, equipment-durability, scrolls and potions, the affected player(s) is/are allowed to use newly found / bought items in the training game. But it’s not allowed to carry anything over to the real continuation game!



You are free to pause your IronMan-sessions after every completed dungeon level and continue at a subsequent date in a new game. To make it possible to have access to a dungeon level that is not attainable by a direct entrance, an external “Cleaning-Character” is allowed to pave the way for the party.

NoteA: You are not allowed to use any town services in these continuation games. Move directly to the Townportal the Cleaning-Character has send. The portal has to be placed directly at the entrance of the actual dungeon level.

NoteB: If it comes to the case, that you weren’t able to resurrect one (or more) of your team-mates, due the lack of resurrection scrolls / charges, before the last session came to it’s end, you are allowed to catch this up in the new game. Just sacrifice one resurrection scroll / one staff charge to emulate the resurrection process. The concerning player(s) are hereunto allowed to rejoin the party.


If it comes to the case, that one ore more players drop out of the current game, the concerning player(s) is/are free to rejoin and return back to the team by Townportal or a nearby entrance. If it is not possible to rejoin the game because of latency, or any other imaginable reason, the team is free to continue in a new one. But the remaining player(s) have to clean the current dungeon level priorly!


In the unhappy case, that all players drop out, with no chance to rejoin the game, due to a game-crash or a related reason, you have to redo the current dungeon level. Everything that got lost due to the crash is permanently gone. It is strictly forbidden to use any kind of item-recreation!