Matrial Artists











Only very light armor types that would not impede your characters movements may be used. These are any armors of the “leather type” : “Rags,  Cape, Cloak, Robe, Leather Armor, Hard Leather Armor, Quilted Armor, & Studded Leather Armor


Being comparatively lightly armored compared to other characters, Martial Artists must depend upon their senses to alert them of any danger. Only headgear that does not hinder their senses of sight or hearing may be worn. Allowed helms are: “Cap, Skull Cap & Crown”


All Jewellery is allowed, because it hampers your characters movement in no way at all.


Weapons & Shields
None. Martial Artists spend their lives honing their bodies to be the perfect weapon, and disdain the use of anything else. Yes, this also means no shields.



Martial Artists, being followers of the Inner Way, acknowledge no gods or deities, and so may not make use of Shrines, Goat Shrines, or Cauldrons.



All Martial Artists are trained to notice threats in their surroundings (DetectTraps), some even have the skill to repair damaged items (Repair). All Martial Artists are trained from birth to focus their Ki, letting them perform feats other people may consider magic. A Martial Artist can detect the Ki of nearby life (Infravision), move things through the power of their Ki (Telekinesis), focus their Ki so as to speed their metabolism (Healing), and some have even been known to speed others' metabolism (HealOther).

Martial Artists of advanced rank have been known to use their Ki to travel through solid objects (Phasing/Teleport). Some Martial Artists have displayed the ability to surround themselves with their Ki, protecting them from harm (Mana Shield), and others have been known to entrap others with their Ki (Stone Curse). Still others have gained the ability to step from one place to another instantaneously by harnessing their Ki (Town Portal). Some Martial Artists, those of highest rank, have been known to imbue inanimate material with portions of their Ki (Golem)

Summarized, only the following spells/scrolls/skills are allowed to be used: “ DetectTraps, Repair, Infravision, Telekinesis, Healing, HealOther, Phasing/Teleport, ManaShield, StoneCurse, TownPortal, Golem, Resurrect”